Little Shop of Horrors: Garden Full to Burstin’ (not Ellen)

August 15, 2009

It’s mid-August and things are really heating up around the garden. I’ll pick my first ripe tomato tomorrow, I’ve got more cucumbers than I can deal with, and the pumpkins and gourd vines are threatening to swallow the house.

Despite all the shade I stupidly failed to foresee in the back yard, I did manage to get the passiflora to bloom. Unearthly as usual:


Things are getting interesting down at the farmer’s market too. I spoke with the guy I bought my many many heirloom tomatoes from last year and he said he’d be setting up his full display next week.

I bought a couple watermelons from Tantre Farms, just because they were beautiful and caught my eye. A Tigger Melon, and another melon I don’t know the name of. Check it:


and it:


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